Poul-Hennings on SSL (in Varnish)

[..]Would I be able to write a better stand-alone SSL proxy process than the many which already exists ?

Probably not, unless I also write my own SSL implementation library, including support for hardware crypto engines and the works.

That is not one of the things I dreamt about doing as a kid and if I dream about it now I call it a nightmare. [..]


Die Landesprachen bei der Schweizerischen Post

Die Antwort des Schweizerischen Bundesrates auf eine parlamentarische Anfrage zum Stand der Umsetzung eines Postulates zur Vermeidung von Landessprach-fremden Ausdrücken in Bundesverwaltung und vom Bund kontrollierter Unternehmen, insbesondere der Schweizerischen Post:

...Der Bundesrat nimmt zwar auf die operativen Entscheide der Post grundsätzlich keinen Einfluss mehr, verfolgt aber die Entwicklung des Sprachgebrauches und erinnert die Post regelmässig daran, welches die Landessprachen der Schweiz sind.


Grip FAQ

Q: I was listening to a CD in Grip and it sounded horrible! What's up?
A: Perhaps you are listening to country music...


Ein Stück Ewigkeit

The Sieve server, "timsieved", is used forutransporting user Sieve scripts to the sealed IMAP server. It is incompatible with the "sieveusehomedir" option. It is named after the principal author, Tim Martin, who desperately wanted something named after him in the Cyrus distribution.


On Bad Implementations of Standards (and their treatment)

Unfortunately, it is known that some MTAs do not treat hard (5xx) responses to the DATA command (either before or after the data) correctly they keep the message on their queues and try again later, but that is their problem, though it does waste some of your resources.



Gute Anleitung zu EMACS

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